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COMPETiTiON: The Best Easter Egg

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Closing Date: 2nd April, 2017


Moo Free Easter Eggs

As you all know, Easter is my favourite time of year. It is even better this year because Hammy has put a free bag of chocolate buttons in to every one of her Easter egg boxes. Yay! But there is still a problem.

The problem is that there are two problems - and they are both soft and fluffy. Rosie Rabbit and Cheeky Chops both think that their Easter Egg is better than mine. Clearly they are delusional, but I have decided to humour them.

The three Moo Free Easter Eggs are:

All of the Easter eggs are organic, dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan.

Mikey Bunny

Now I just need your help. Which Moo Free Easter Egg do you think is the best? Just let me know using the form below before the closing date. To thank you for your help I will then send 3 lucky people the Easter Egg that they prefer.

Lots of fluffy love

Mikey Bunny x x x

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dairy free chocolate
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Mikey Bunny
dairy free chocolate