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Are you sure that Moo Free chocolate is dairy free?
A number of you have contacted us in order to ensure that our dairy free chocolate really does not contain milk. Well, it definitely doesn't. It is made in a factory that does not use any dairy products. Moo Free only use dairy free ingredients. We even have our chocolate tested just to back this up.
Is Moo Free chocolate gluten free & wheat free?
Moo Free's chocolate does not contain any gluten or wheat. It is made in a factory that does not use any gluten or wheat containing products. Moo Free only uses gluten free and wheat free ingredients. We even have our chocolate tested just to back this up.
Is Moo Free chocolate soya free?
Yes, all of our chocolates are soya free.
Is Moo Free chocolate nut free?
We do add hazelnuts to some of our products. Because of this there is a risk of cross contamination and as a result even the products that we do not add hazelnuts to may contain traces.
Do Moo Free chocolates contain casein?
No. Casein is a protein commonly found in mammalian milk.
Is dark chocolate dairy free?
Moo Free dark chocolate is dairy free, but most other dark chocolate may contain traces of milk. That's because unlike Moo Free most other chocolate factories use the same machines to make both milk and dark chocolate. This can cause the dark chocolate to pick up traces of milk chocolate from the machines as it passes through them.
What is a dairy allergy?
A dairy or milk allergy is an adverse immune reaction to one or more of the proteins found in animals' milk.
What is lactose intolerance?
Lactose intolerance is the inability to metabolize lactose which is a sugar that is found mostly in milk. The condition is caused by a lack of the required enzyme lactose in the digestive system. You can find more information on our lactose intolerance wiki page.

What is a Vegan?
Put simply, a Vegan is a strict vegetarian. They do not eat or wear any animal products at all. For example: they don't drink animals' milk, they will not eat honey and they will not wear leather clothing.
If Vegan's avoid milk then isn't all Vegan chocolate milk free?
Unfortunately not, although Moo Free chocolate is. Vegan chocolate is a good place to start looking if you cannot have milk in your diet. However, because of the way that other chocolates are typically made, Vegan chocolate can become contaminated with milk. Always check the ingredients carefully for phrases such as "may contain traces of milk".
Can I do anything about Vegan chocolate that may contain traces of milk?
Yes. We believe that any food products that are registered or marked as Vegan must by definition not contain even a trace of milk. If a product claims to be suitable for Vegans but also states that it may contain traces of milk then try contacting the manufacturer. Ask them to explain why they think that this is acceptable. Finally, if the product uses a registered Vegan mark then try contacting the registering body and ask them to explain. In the UK this is often the Vegan Society.
What is in your "natural flavouring"?
As well as the high quality ingredients our natural flavouring is what gives Moo Free chocolate its unique, milk chocolate taste. Our natural flavouring comes from all natural sources, for example essential oils, essences, extracts, or any product derived from plant materials. Because our chocolate is organically certified you can be assured that our natural flavouring does not contain any colourings, genetically modified ingredients or anything artificially (chemically) produced. In addition, we can assure you that our natural flavouring does not contain any of the allergens that our chocolate is free from.

Unfortunately, because it is not possible to protect our recipe in any way by use of a patent, copyright or similar we have to keep the contents of our natural flavouring secret. However, please be assured that we do not use the term "natural flavouring" to hide any nasty ingredients.

You will find futher information about protecting recipes in this way on the International Organisation of the Flavour Industry website.

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dairy free chocolate
dairy free chocolate
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dairy free chocolate