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dairy free and vegan baking drops

Moo Free: Quality, Organic Baking Drops - Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Vegan

Now everyone can bake their own delicious, dairy free treats using Moo Free's quality organic baking drops. Each bag is filled with 150g of our dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan chocolate drops which are perfect for adding to cookie recipes, chocolate muffins, cup caked or baking chocolate cakes or other chocolate recipes with. Our cooking chocolate contains 45% quality, organic cocoa and is made using Moo Free's multi-award winning dairy free, gluten free and vegan chocolate recipe.

All of our dairy free, gltuen free and vegan chocolate is made in Moo Free's UK factories that do not manufacture or handle any products that contains milk, gluten or soya so that we can ensure that there is no chance of any cross contamination of these food allergens.

I don't have a dairy allergy but can't stop buying the drops for myself :)

L. Gough

dairy free baking dropsMoo Free bring you all the flavour of great tasting milk chocolate but we know the secret of how to make it without using any cow's milk.

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dairy free chocolate
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dairy free chocolate