Made with Moo Free: Christmas Edition

Made with Moo Free: Christmas Edition

We’re on the cusp of December; we hope you were able to get your Advent Calendars in time, open the first door this Saturday!

As we’re approaching the beginning of Christmas, we wanted to remind you of our active campaign, Made with Moo Free. If you have a recipe that is allergy friendly, vegan/vegetarian and uses our chocolate in some form or another you can send it to Hammy Hamster. if she likes it, we’ll make a blog post for all to see and you’ll win some Moo Free chocolate.

It would be nice to see some Christmas themed recipes or maybe something nice and warm to get everyone through these winter months, the choice is yours!

Send your recipes to

Moo Free chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, lactose free, wheat free, casein free and soya free, we’re also vegan/vegetarian friendly.

We look forward to your submissions.