Made with Moo Free

Made with Moo Free

As January rolls on we wanted to remind everyone of our Made with Moo Free campaign. We are looking for anyone with finesse in the kitchen to submit an allergy-friendly recipe that also uses Moo Free Chocolates in some form or another.

While we would strongly prefer that the submitted recipe be made with free-from/vegan ingredients you can use ones that are not though please provide alternatives for examples like eggs or flour as not everyone can have these due to either allergy or vegan dietary concerns.

To submit your recipe send it to

She’ll review the recipe and if she likes it, we’ll upload it to our blog followed by an announcement via our social media pages - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The best part for the person who submits the recipe is that if your recipe gets on to our blog, we’ll send some free Moo Free Chocolates as a reward!

Prove to the world why you’re the king or queen of Moo Free cuisine!

We look forward to your submissions.