The Nut Butter Company

The Nut Butter Company

Today Moo Free Chocolates wanted to shine the spotlight on a company that is also vegan and free from, The Nut Butter Company

The folks of this company are nuts for peanut butter! They have several flavours to choose from including:

The Chocolate Peanut Butter uses Moo Free Chocolates, it’s lovely and tasty on bread/toast, in cakes, whatever you want really, the same can be said for all the flavours!

Please note that while Moo Free Chocolates will always be free from dairy, gluten, lactose, wheat, casein and soya we can’t be held responsible for products that use Moo Free Chocolate outside of our factories/production rooms and cannot guarantee that the final product will have the same free from claims.

Be sure and try The Nut Butter Company’s Peanut Butter today.