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Environmental Education Week

environmental education week

Welcome back everyone we hope you had a lovely Easter.

It’s Environmental Education Week which seeks to educate people on the importance of the environment and a source of wellbeing and fulfilment.

We wanted to talk about the organic cocoa that’s used in our products.

As you may or may not know we import our cocoa from the Dominican Republic, specifically the San Francisco de Macoris area. The cocoa is grown on Trinitario trees under the shade of citrus trees on the organic farms found in San Francisco de Macrois.

Thanks to the organic conditions these farms follow, the environment is protected from pollution and soil erosion. The organic conditions also conserve water and ensure that the farmers are not exposed to the harmful chemicals present in pesticides.

All of Moo Free’s cocoa is grown organically. To check out more info and our range, be sure to check out our website.