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rPET Plastics

rPET Plastics

This week we wanted to talk about the recyclability of our marvellously moreish bars.

With these new bars we’ve made sure to make the packaging as recyclable as possible. The outer shell of the packaging is made from cardboard so it’s easy enough to recycle it, all council areas accept cardboard as recyclable. The inner packaging is plastic but is highly recyclable due to it being made from rPET plastics, plastic that has been recycled and can be recycled again, around 92% of council areas will take waste made from rPET plastics.

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is the most common form of polyester plastic on the planet, it is used in food & drink containers as well as fibers in clothing. PET is considered a highly recyclable form of plastic, most used PET containers are washed and can be melted down to a plasma form which can be crafted into new items, however not all plastic makes it way to the recycling facilities.

PET products which can be recycled are identified by the recycling symbol with a #1 in the middle, those that make it through the recycling facilities are considered rPET plastics.

You can find out more here What’s the deal with rPET?

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