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Keeping Cool 2019

Keeping Cool 2019

It’s that time of year again, we’re in the summer months which means your chocolate is at risk of melting. Luckily, we here at Moo Free Chocolates have a few tips to help keep your chocolate safe.

First and foremost is the ideal temperature. Most chocolate including Moo Free Chocolates is best kept at “ambient” temperature, that’s around 18 – 21 C. Cupboards – preferably with good ventilation - and places away from direct sunlight work the best when storing your chocolate.

While it may be seeming logical to put the chocolate into the fridge it isn’t as simple as that due to other foods being present within the fridge as chocolate can absorb the flavours from said foods, only use a fridge if you are someone who lives in a warmer climate and don’t have a form of air conditioning.

Another concern is moisture, fridges can produce a lot of it and if it gets on the chocolate it can lead to “blooming” which is the discolouring of the chocolate, usually appearing as small areas of white/see through. While it is perfectly safe to eat it won’t have the same taste nor the same appealing look.

A solution around this is to put the chocolate in an airtight container wrapping it up tightly beforehand. If you’ve already started but not finished it, make sure that when you take it out of the fridge that you let it return to room temperature otherwise you will get condensation on your chocolate.
With this method chocolate can last for at least 6 months before it starts to lose its taste, a freezer can be used to make it last longer though plain chocolate is the only one viable as chocolate made with fondant or ones with caramel centres tend to become gritty.

We hope this helps keep your chocolate safe this summer.