Made with Moo: Summer Edition 2019

Made with Moo Free: Summer Edition 2019

The Moo Free friends are enjoying the summer weather, even though there been quite a few weeks of rain they’ve made sure to make the most of the days where it’s been non-stop sun.

They also wanted to make sure that you can have your fun in the sun or, if your dampened by the rainy weather, a fun little activity to pass the time.

If you’re not already familiar, we have a yearlong activity known as Made with Moo Free where you can submit your recipes to Hammy Hamster ( If Hammy likes your recipe, we’ll upload it to our blog, and you’ll win some free Moo Free Chocolates. we’d love to see some summer themed recipes.

Please include your address and an image or two of your work when you send Hammy your recipe.

Take note that there are a couple of rules to follow. First off please keep the recipe free from, that means no dairy milk, eggs, wheat/gluten or other common food allergies items, unfortunately not everyone can have the things most people have on a regular basis so we want to ensure that people with allergies can be comfortable with making these recipes.

The second rule is to use Moo Free Chocolate in some way. This can be as simple as including some of our Choccy Drops or Baking Drops or if you’re feeling brave, something more complex with one of our other products.

Please be aware that as we’re in the summer months there may be a delay in the delivery of your prize to your home.

We look forward to your creations.