Made with Moo Free: Chocolate Cheesecake Minis

Made with Moo Free: Chocolate Cheesecake Minis

A big thanks to Marisa who has sent in a very delicious looking and might we say very professional looking recipe for some dairy free Chocolate Cheesecake Minis. Thanks Marisa, we’ll be sending you some Moo Free Chocolates your way as soon as possible.

While you’re here also check out Marisa’s blog - Marisa’s Vegan Recipes and her Instagram - marisasveganrecipes for more vegan recipes.

Chocolate Cheesecake Minis


Chocolate Biscuits:

  • 150g Dairy free butter (the “Pure” brand is recommended)
  • 200g Gluten free plain flour
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 75g cocoa powder


  • 120g Chocolate Biscuits (see recipe)
  • 3 tbsp Dairy free butter (melted) (the “Pure” brand is recommended)


  • 200g moo free chocolate
  • 1 400g tin of coconut milk (full fat)



  1. Preheat your oven to 200C.
  2. Mix all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl until it forms a dough.
  3. Lightly flour a work surface, and roll out the dough to about 1mm thickness.
  4. Using a small round fluted cutter, cut out the biscuits from the dough.
  5. Place the biscuits on a baking sheet, and place in the oven for 10 minutes.


  1. Break the biscuits down into crumbs, using a rolling pin and a zip-loc bag or a food processor if you have one.
  2. Add the melted butter to the biscuit crumbs and mix until combined.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the coconut milk for about 5 minutes with an electric whisk (or 10 minutes if you are whisking by hand)
  4. In a glass dish place the moo free chocolate, and place over a pan of boiling water, and stir until all the chocolate has melted, then add the chocolate to the coconut milk and again gently whisk until combined.
  5. In mini cake tins, or the mould of your choice, place the biscuit crumb mix in the base, and flatten with a spoon until smooth and even.
  6. Finally, pour coconut chocolate mix over the top of your base(s) and place in the fridge to set (1-2 hours)
  • Optional: you can add a topping of your choice, such as fruit, more chocolate or even vegan squirty cream.