World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day

Did you know? This Sunday is World Chocolate Day, celebrating all things chocolate.

A fact about our chocolate is that it has more cocoa than the average milk chocolate (our bars range from 36% – 85%), though despite this, under EU regulations we actually can’t be considered a chocolate bar due to our use of rice powder which is considered a type of flour – something that is not allowed in chocolate in EU countries – don’t worry, there’s no gluten in rice powder.

This is why when you look at our products, they lack any use of the word chocolate though we are allowed to use alternative names and luckily it doesn’t stop our products from being a delightful alternative to milk chocolate.

If you, unfortunately, can’t have chocolate with dairy or gluten or anyone on a vegan diet /lifestyle, don’t fret, Moo Free Chocolates is here to help!

We have a plethora of products to choose from to celebrate the day.

First off is our popular Mini Moo range, our snack sized bars that are perfect for on-the-go travelling.

  • Mini Moo: Original - Our plain bar, perfect for those just looking for some tasty free from chocolate.
  • Mini Moo: Bunnycomb - One of our most popular bars, infused with scrumptious cinder toffee pieces.
  • Mini Moo: Minty Moo - A bar infused with a natural, organic minty oil for a strong, fresh taste.
  • Mini Moo: Cheeky Orange - Similar to the mint bar, a bar infused with a natural, organic orange oil for a delicious tangy taste.

Next is our Large bar range, in this range we offer some more varied, distinct flavours.

  • Fruit & Nut bar - A bar infused with cranberry and hazelnuts creating a savoury and crunchy taste.
  • Banana bar - Infused with crunchy banana pieces, if you’re a fan of bananas you’ll love this bar!
  • Hazelnut nibs bar - Covered with small caramelised hazelnut pieces for a sweet crunchy sensation.
  • Large Original bar - A larger variation of our mini moo original, while not as convenient to carry, it’s great for those with bigger appetites and also works wonders in recipes.

Others products available include:

  • Choccy Drops - A fantastic treat of free from drops.
  • Baking Drops - A bigger bag of drops and our go-to recommendation for use in your own free from recipes.
  • Choccy Chum Surprises - A fun little product that has one of the Moo Free Friends embroidered into the chocolate, which one will you get?
  • Rosie Rabbit bar - A charming plain chocolate moulded in the shape of our Moo Free Friend Rosie Rabbit.

Last but not least is our newest range, the Marvellously Moreish range, a group of chocolate with more exotic and mature flavours.

  • Sea Salt & Lime - Our most exotic bar to date! Made from Portuguese salt and natural lime oil, Prepare your taste buds for an incredibly zesty taste!
  • Sea Salt & Caramel - A sweet and savoury bar made with Portuguese salt and smooth delicious natural caramel oil.
  • Dark 65 & Dark 85 - Our first strides into dark chocolate bars! Enjoy a strong taste that is balanced perfectly between sweet and bitter.
  • Cinder Toffee - Our Bunnycomb bar has just gotten larger! By popular demand we’ve made a bigger, better bar infused with even more cinder toffee pieces, meaning a better taste!
  • Original - Our Original plain chocolate now in a sturdier bar and easy to carry around whilst maintaining its well-known and familiar taste.

All the Marvellously Moreish bars are available from the Moo Free Factory Shop.

Our other products are readily available from most supermarket & independent stores, please use our store locator to find your nearest shop.

We hope you enjoy World Chocolate Day.