Our New Bunnycomb

Our New Bunnycomb

We’ve had a lot of emails and letters regarding our Bunnycomb bar.

If you’re not aware, a while back we changed how we produce the Bunnycomb bar, instead of having the honeycomb visible from the outside we encased it in the middle with another layer of chocolate.

Why did we do this? For starters we had received a few complaints of loose “honeycomb” pieces making a mess all over the floor, though we do recognise that some people like the leftover “honeycomb” pieces, when they stay in the packet.

Another reason we made the change was that unfortunately when on the top of the bar the “honeycomb” has a tendency to soften over time, while it is still perfectly safe to eat it is not as nice to eat without the satisfying crunch and great taste that a bar with harder pieces offers, by covering the “honeycomb” in another layer of chocolate it maintains that nice crunchy bite.

One thing the new direction has allowed us to do is reduce the recommended retail price by 20% from 85p to 69p. Bear in mind that we have no control over what prices the Bunnycomb bar is sold at by retailers. So, please complain to the offender and not us.

If you have trouble finding the bunnycomb bar we do sell them over on our online store.

We’d like to address concerns regarding how much “honeycomb” is put into each bar, Rest assured, we use the same amount we would use in the older bars, if this is unsatisfactory we can suggest purchasing our premium Cinder Toffee bar, a larger take on the Bunnycomb bar.

We’d also like to re-confirm that the “honeycomb” contains no honey whatsoever, it is made from sugar, glucose syrup and sodium bicarbonate.

The Bunnycomb bar along with our other products are free from dairy, gluten, lactose, wheat, casein and soya, we’re also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

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