Work Experience at Moo Free

Thank you India

This week we want to make a special mention to a recent visitor, India. India is a student from Okehampton College who came to our Devon Factory on work experience for 1 week.

Having been vegan for 3 years, India wanted to learn, how do you make a chocolate bar vegan? She also wanted to learn about our ethics such as; our commitment to the environment by making our packaging as recyclable as possible, our use of ethical and free from ingredients and our stance of hiring employees with a disability/on the autistic spectrum. Around 15% of our workforce is on the autistic spectrum. She experienced life in a chocolate factory by spending a day in the office, a day in production, a day in packing and experimenting with chocolate in the NPD room.

India managed to develop her own chocolate bar. The final outcome was a “Raspberry Delight”, “A remarkable combination of fresh raspberries and a dash of hazelnuts to create the perfect melt in your mouth moment”.

India tells us she gained some valuable insights into the vegan chocolate world and had a lot of fun developing her own bar. A big thank you to India.

India’s Chocolate

If anyone is interested in doing some work experience send a message to

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