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Made with Moo Free: Christmas Edition 2019

Made with Moo Free: Christmas Edition 2019

Ding dong merrily on high, our bowls are filled with chocolate!

It’s Christmas time once again and we want to bring that good ol Christmas cheer. As part of our Made with Moo Free campaign we are looking for some Christmas themed recipe to give and share, tis the season, as the saying goes.

To enter, send your recipe to

If Santa Hammy likes your recipe, we’ll feature it in our blog which wins you some free Moo Free Chocolate! Entry submission closes Tuesday 10th December.

Please include your address and an image when you send in your recipe.

We do have a couple of rules that do need to be followed.

  1. Keep the recipe free from, that means no dairy milk, eggs, wheat/gluten or other common food allergies items. Not everyone can have the things most people enjoy on a regular basis, we want to ensure that people with allergies can be comfortable with making these recipes as well.

  2. Please use Moo Free Chocolate in some way. Our Choccy Drops or Baking Drops are the most common we see in entries, but don't let that stop you using one of our other products.

Best of luck to you and Merry Christmas!