International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Here at Moo Free we have lots of leading ladies. And what makes a leading lady you may ask? Well, in our eyes, a leading lady is someone in authority. She takes charge, she leads a team, a department or even the whole business. She knows what to do at the right time or even the wrong time. She is there no matter what, she offers support, she understands.

So, let me tell you about Moo Free leading ladies and I’ll start with the highest one of them all, Hammy Hamster or otherwise, known as, Andrea Jessop, my mum and Moo Free’s CEO. Hammy is the real brains behind it all, although don’t tell Mikey Bunny, Hammy’s husband! Hammy is the overall decision maker. The hamster who makes sure everything runs the way it should. That everyone is in the right place doing what they should be doing.

Next is Clawdia Cat or in real life, Ginette Higgs, Moo Frees Financial Director. Clawdia is known as the money cat, she makes sure all the accounts match. That everyone is paid and gets paid. She makes sure that Moo Free has money to buy all the supplies we need to bring all our delicious products to you. Turns out she is very good a juggling!

Now we come to me Kitty Cakes or otherwise known as Leah Clifford, Customer Service Manager and Social Media Influencer. I’m a kitty of many talents when it comes to Moo Free. I’m the cat that answers all your questions and replies to any feedback or I hate to say it, but any complaints you may have. I’m also the face you see on Moo Free social media and the one who replies to all your comments. I’m just an all-round happy go lucky helpful cat.

Next is Dizzy Dog or to all at Moo Free, Jessica, our pre-production supervisor. Dizzy plays a very important role in making sure the chocolate is made just right, ready for the production team. She is the doggy that guides her colleagues through conching the chocolate and makes sure all the paperwork is correct.

So, there we have four leading ladies, but they are not the only ladies to make up Moo Free. We have lots more. In fact, over half of the Moo Free team are ladies and here they all are.
In our production team we have; Reanne our Production Supervisor, Lizzy and Ness our Line Leaders, Hope, Clare, Michele, Caroline, Lauren, Michelle, Claire, Tina, Tori and Alex. In the office-based team we have, Hayley our Warehouse Administrator, Laura our Accounts Assistant, Jo our Moo Free Factory Shop Co-Ordinator and Lizzie our administrator. Finally, last but not least, there is Thylma our cleaner.

I think we can safely say it’s the girls that run Moo Free. It’s very rewarding and humble working for an equal opportunities company. A company who believes and see that women our equal to men and that we can lead and run a business.

Written by Kitty Cakes