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Autism Awareness Week: Working for Moo Free

Autism Awareness Week: Working for Moo Free

As part of Autism Awareness Week, we’ve asked one of employees, Joe to talk about his experience of working at Moo Free.

Hi there, I’m Joe, I’m an admin assistant/blog writer/image designer for Moo Free, I’ve been with the company for just over 3 and a half years and I am on the autistic spectrum (specifically Asperger’s syndrome).

My main task day to day is to create images for the social media platforms of Moo Free. If you’ve seen the images put up on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for blog posts, mentions, retailers shoutouts or others, I’ve most likely been the one who made the image. I also write a majority of the blogs as well.

It is difficult to describe how Autism has affected my life, on the one hand it helps me excel in particular areas (like my creative ability) and a hindrance in others. The most common difficulty for me is dealing with social situations, I usually find myself waiting for the other person to start a conversation and even then, depending on the subject matter, it is difficult to express what I am trying to say (though start a conversation about video games with me and I become a whole different person!).

I also struggle to fully understand a person’s emotional state. While I recognise more obvious emotions (e.g. when someone is visually angry or upset) I can’t fully grasp more subtle emotional cues.

When it comes to work as long as I know what is needed of me, I can usually complete the task quickly and effectively. I do struggle if I’m not quite clear what the task is, but to be fair my mum says she feels similar and likes knowing exactly what ‘needs doing’!

In terms of working with Moo Free, whose workforce is made up of around 20% people on the autistic spectrum, it’s been a worthwhile experience. I feel I am very lucky to be using my college trained skills for paid employment. My previous job was washing up in a pub which was not quite in the same league and horrible hours.

The Moo Free company have made me feel very welcome and make sure to break each task down so that I understand what I need to do. I do sometimes struggle with preparing blogs, but the extended team are always there to offer support and give me tips.

A big thank you to Moo Free for my job!