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Take part in Made with Moo Free

Take part in Made with Moo Free

We’re past the first half of what has been a very tiring year. To help bring a more positive outlook, we wanted to remind you of our ‘Made with Moo Free‘ activity that is ongoing throughout the year.

We’re on the hunt for recipes from artisans and connoisseurs who can make the best and, more importantly, fun ‘free from’ delights whilst using Moo Free chocolate .

There are a few rules to follow when submitting:

  1. Please keep the recipe ‘free from‘, not everyone can enjoy foods we take for granted, either through allergy problems or dietary choices. Avoid using the likes of dairy, gluten, wheat, or eggs, all of these do have alternatives so make sure to do your research.
  2. As mentioned above, the recipe must use Moo Free chocolates in some form or another.
  3. Please include an address and an image of your recipe.

Submit your recipe to

She’ll review the recipe and if she likes it, we’ll upload it to our blog followed by an announcement via our social media pages - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The greatest thing is that if your recipe is featured on the blog, you’ll win a bunch of Moo Free goodies as a prize!

We love our chocolate and we highly appreciate the continued support from all our customers, staff, and business partners. We look forward to seeing your recipes.