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Just how do you cope when you work in a factory surrounded by chocolate that you have to eat as part of your job? Read all about dairy free chocolate overdoses and the struggle to create the perfect dairy free chocolates.

Sugar Levels in our Chocolate

Sugar Levels in our Chocolate

This week we wanted to talk about the sugar levels in our chocolate. We bring this up because Hammy recently found an intriguing article that discusses the rise of sugar levels in regular milk chocolate since 1992.

According to a report from a research group of the Queen Mary University of London sugar levels in UK regular chocolate has seen an average increase of around 10% (44.6% by weight in 1992, 54.7% in 2019), one brand even saw an increase of 22.9% to 53.6%.

Organic September 2019

Organic September 2019

It’s September! You know what that means, it’s Organic September!

If you’re unaware Organic September is a yearly national campaign to help increase awareness for the organic lifestyle and produce. The last couple of years have been substantially successful.

The event is hosted by the Organic Soil Association.

Our Chocolate and Theobromine

Don't feed our chocolate to your pets!

Did you know that the 26th was National Dog Day over in America? Dogs are wonderful companions are they not, as are any pet for that matter.

We bring this up as unfortunately some people have misinterpreted our chocolate as suitable for pets due to our mascots – the Moo Free Friends, on the front of our Classic Large bar range and Mini Moos range.

Our New Bunnycomb

Our New Bunnycomb

We’ve had a lot of emails and letters regarding our Bunnycomb bar.

If you’re not aware, a while back we changed how we produce the Bunnycomb bar, instead of having the honeycomb visible from the outside we encased it in the middle with another layer of chocolate.

Made with Moo Free: Chocolate Cherry Banana Cake

Made with Moo Free: Chocolate Cherry Banana Cake

We have a lovely surprise recipe for our Made with Moo Free campaign. This time the recipe is from Amy and her recipe is for Chocolate Cherry Banana Cake. We’ll send chocolate as soon as we can.

If you like this recipe, Amy has a whole plethora of recipes over on both her blog and Instagram.

Follow her here:

Instagram - @nourishing.amy

Blog - Nourishing Amy