Chocolate Products

Chocolate can be made into lots of different products such as chocolate bars, spreads and drinks.

Chocolate bars are a type of confectionery. Most are made up with these main ingredients - milk, sugar, cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Some chocolate bars contain nuts, raisins and flavourings, such as vanilla, depending on the type of chocolate bar[1].

Chocolate spread is a chocolate flavoured paste and it does not solidify. The paste usually contains cocoa, oil and milk. Chocolate spread is eaten on bread and toast, as well as pastries and other treats, such as pancakes[2].

Chocolate can be made into drinks, the two of the most popular drinks being hot chocolate and chocolate milk. Hot chocolate is a heated drink made out of cocoa powder or shaved chocolate with hot milk or water and/or cream. There are also variations of such as mint or vanilla hot chocolate[3]. Chocolate milk is a cold milk drink flavored with cocoa. It is made out of chocolate powder mixed with milk[4].

There are alternatives chocolate products that do not contain milk, gluten and/or lactose. Some are suitable for vegetarians and vegans[5].